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Barbie Doll and Bathtub Playset

Barbie Doll and Bathtub Playset

Barbie Doll and Bathtub Playset with Puppy, Kids Toys, Blonde, Colourful Confetti Soap and Accessories

What’s more peaceful than a luxurious bath? This Barbie Confetti Bathtub and Doll Playset is Barbie's favourite and most colourful way to relax!

The Barbie doll is bendable and poseable, with seven points of articulation for realistic play. She has straight blonde hair and comes dressed in a swimsuit with a sheer sarong!

Two bags of confetti soap are included (pink and blue), which change the bath water to the same colour—so cool! The bags are resealable for future use.

There's enough confetti soap for repeat play. Kids can get creative and experiment by mixing the two colour bags to create purple!

Barbie Doll has everything needed for a relaxing soak in the tub: a bathtub and bath tray, shelving unit, towel, large brush, small brush, lotion bottle, soap, plant, candle, sign and puppy.

Indulge in a self-care day with Barbie dolls and her bathtub playset!

Barbie adds a little splash of magic to bath time with soap that changes the colour of the water to dreamy pastels!

  • This poseable Barbie doll is bath-ready in a two-piece swimsuit and sarong. With her pet puppy at her side, she's all set for a fun day of rest and relaxation!

  • The dissolvable confetti soap is shaped like flowers and hearts! It changes the bath water pink, blue, or purple, depending on how kids mix the two colour bags together.

  • Kids can decorate the bath tray and shelves with cute storytelling accessories, setting the scene for realistic play!

From an adorable puppy and soft towel to a brush, plant and more, Barbie doll has all the bath essentials needed to dream up sweet self-care stories! ​


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