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4 Pack Build A Grid Magnetic Student Grids Learning Resources

4 Pack Build A Grid Magnetic Student Grids Learning Resources

Learning Resources: Build Magnetic Student Grids Set of 4

  • Bring abstract math concepts to life using the versatility of grids.
  • Integrates with the base Ten blocks and ten frames
  • The magnetic demonstration version and the plastic student version coordinate for an integrated teaching experience.
  • An all-in-one self-storage solution is convenient for teachers and easy to implement.
  • Includes 16 sheets that produce over 50 unique grids.

About Learning Resources

Children need to play like they need to eat and sleep. Play is a fun, joy-filled part of childhood and is an essential ingredient in learning. Through play, children map out what they know about themselves and their world and test their understanding against the concepts they come across in real life.

There are so many ways children play, from pretend play to creative play to object play and more. Each helps children learn as they grow. For over 35 years, Learning Resources has helped children love to learn about themselves and their world through hands-on discovery and play. We make toys that spark their imaginations, encourage exploration, and inspire discovery. When the toy you choose is from Learning Resources, you're helping your child build who they will become. Our educational toys and games are created to spark curiosity and discovery and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

From early childhood development to preschool readiness to play-based learning for primary school ages, Learning Resources has over 1,000 fun educational toys and games that support learning through play.

Whether your child dreams of being an architect or a zoologist when they grow up, let’s build someone amazing together.


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