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Colour My Bath

Colour My Bath

Elevate bath time into an interactive and colourful experience with Colour My Bath, a set of 300 water colour-changing bath tablets. Crafted in the USA, these tablets are 100% safe, non-staining, and eco-friendly, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable bathing experience for your child.

Let the magic unfold as your child's bath water transforms into a fizzy, fun, and educational spectacle. Made using food-safe colouring, these tablets contain no added soap or perfumes, making them safe to use. While not recommended for consumption, the tablets are entirely safe if accidentally ingested.

The tub includes a generous mix of 100 large and 200 small tablets in vibrant red, yellow, and blue hues. This variety allows children to explore and learn by mixing the three primary colours, creating an unlimited rainbow of secondary colours.

Colour My Bath goes beyond just bath time; it offers a unique opportunity for kids to have fun while understanding the basics of colour theory. Transform your child's bath water into a fizzy, educational, and totally cool treat that makes every bath an adventure.


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