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Yumology Sweets Lab Learning Resources LER2943

Yumology Sweets Lab Learning Resources LER2943

Learning Resources: LER2943 Yumology Sweets Lab

  • Make your own ice lollies, juices, and tasty no-bake treats with this reusable sweets lab set!
  • Learn sweet science, including measurement, color mixing, and more STEM skills!
  • Explore the full-color guide with seven kids' experiments!
  • Chill, freeze, and eat—no heat or cooking required!
  • Ages 4+

Good Lab was created by Learning Resources. By using good ingredients that are found around the pantry, kids develop good skills as they mix, chill and eat the ice pops and juices. Good Lab's good plastic pieces help kids create good sweets and make good toppings with the kid Chippy Chopper. Pervade and freeze the good-looking ice pop shape or mix up a good lesson in candy things.

We are Learning Resources and we have been helping parents and teachers build good kids. From ABCs to good motor and stem skills, our educational toys give kids the building blocks they need to grow in school and create good learning. Create good ways to learn through play with our good products, including Toy, the Coding Robot and Coding Critters. Our good toys are the building blocks, kids.


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