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Original Commodity 184g Scented Candles

Original Commodity 184g Scented Candles

These amazing unisex scents are sadly discontinued in their original form - We have a very limited stock of these now.

We have 2 Candles in stock - 


Commodity's Leather composition shuns the usage of real leather, but utilises the best natural raw materials, rich & aromatic.

This fragrance evokes not just the sensual scent of new leather, but also the texture, suppleness and raw sexiness inherent to it.


A sustainably sourced ingredient, Sandalwood Pacific is the result of a partnership with the local Kanak community of New Caledonia, overseen by the forest stewardship council, which has stringent rules to protect sandalwood trees from near extinction. 

The Book scent invokes that warm feeling of curling up with a crisp old book, or a classic bookstore.

They make a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

Commodity was originally made in the USA by artisanal perfumers and full size 100ml and travel size 10ml bottles as well as Candles are available in our online store, while stocks last

The brand has been revived but we stock the Original packaging and scents you have come to love and associate with the brand

Commodity Scented Candles

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