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40-Meter Balloon Ribbon - Rose Gold & White)

40-Meter Balloon Ribbon - Rose Gold & White)

Create beautiful balloon arrangements effortlessly with our Balloon Ribbon Set. This set includes a 40-meter balloon ribbon in rose gold and white, both 5 mm wide, providing a stylish touch to your celebrations. Additionally, you'll receive four rolls of balloon ribbon to add a finishing flair to your decorations.

The 40-meter ribbon set features 20 metres in elegant rose gold and 20 metres in classic white. The 5 mm width ensures a sophisticated look, making it ideal for various occasions.

The four additional rolls consist of two 10-meter rolls of gold foil ribbon (5 mm wide), adding a touch of luxury to your balloon displays. The set also includes two rolls of 5 mm white ribbon, each 10 metres in length, offering a timeless and versatile option for any colour scheme.

Perfect for birthdays, weddings, or festive gatherings, our Balloon Ribbon Set provides endless possibilities for creating eye-catching and elegant balloon arrangements. Elevate your balloon decor effortlessly with this versatile and stylish ribbon set.

Add the Balloon Ribbon Set to your cart now and bring an extra layer of charm to your next celebration.

40 Meters

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