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Lauva Dog Cool Mat XL

Lauva Dog Cool Mat XL
  • 【Self-cooling pet cool mats for medium and large dogs】: The inner material is 100% non-toxic gel,safe for both human and pets. No need to add water, freeze or chill ! The cooling mat features pressure activated cool gel that delivers an Instant and Continuous cooling sensation, which keeps your favorite pet 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature.It works by absorbing your dog's body heat,stop your dog from overheating & dehydration.
    • 【Non-Toxic, safe for Pets and Human beings】: Completely Latex-Free Material is 100% Safe for Animals, Adults & Kids;X-Large Size:38 x 32 inches,96*81cm, Large Size: 36 x 20 inches,90*50cm;Medium Size: 26x 20 inches/65*50cm, Solid 0.5 inch Cooling Gel Mat for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health, mobility, & energy.
    • 【Easy to clean & store】: simply clean it with soap & water, wipe dry & transfer to your next location , which keeps your mattress cooling pad dry, fresh, & clean with no hassle.
    • 【Various Usages】: More than a pet mat, the pad mat sturdy makeup provides ample cushioning support and is perfect for dog beds, crates, kennels back seat of car or late it flat on the floor, and an easy-fold design that makes storage and travel effortless. Actually ,you can also use it as a Seat Cushion ,a pillow, or computer cooling pad.for yourself in hot weather.This multi-purpose mat is suitable for pet as well as human beings.

We know how much you care about your pets . That’s why we design innovative, quality products to make their lives better.

Heaven for your porch on a balmy day

Is your dog/Kitty feel uncomfortable and hot on summer?

Lauva Dog Cool Mat will keep your pet 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature.

Your dogs and cats will love the soothing coolness & cushioning comfort that scientifically designed and press activated pet cooling mat.

Conventional dog beds absorb & trap your dog's body heat, creating an uncomfortable hot spot.

Our Cooling Mat Not Only Reduces Exhaustion & Overheating, but It is also recommended by Veterinarians to Help Reduce & Treat pet disease

Dogs and Cats love to PLAY

Summer is for FUN, especially for dogs. Outside playtime by the pool. Fetching balls or catching Frisbees at the beach. Relaxing in the yard.

But they get HOT

But have you noticed that your dog struggles to keep cool on those HOT, balmy summer days? How do you prevent dehydration and overheating? Sometimes it’s not practical to run the a/c all day, or give you pup a cold bath or shower.

Keep them COOL

The Cooling Pet Pad from the Green Pet Shop is a quick, no-fuss solution to instantly COOL down your beloved pet. Give them some chilled relief this summer.

Main Feature

Our pressure activated pad cools and soothes your dog (or cat) on contact for up to 3 hours, providing a cool spot for your furry friend.

The special gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use. The pad works without any effort by you and is ideal for when you are out of the house.

It's a simple solution to avoid overheating and dehydration for hot, panting dogs that struggle in the summer weather. It can be an ideal treatment for senior animals or for pets with health conditions.

Our advantages:Materials and Crafts

  • high quality 300D Oxford composite PVC—0.4mm thickness .Waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and more durable!
  • 100% non-toxic gel, Safe for both human and pets to use!
  • press the edge of mat twice with strong pressure, make sure that it won't leak easily.
  • Much thicker and better than most of the other cooling mattes in market.

It's not only a pet cooling mat...


This cooling mat doesn't need to be put in the fridge but helps dissipate heat away from the dog's body when it lies on it.

Safer and More Comfortable

  • Avoid your dog to chew it up, train dog to accustom new item.
  • Simply wipe the mat with a mix of mild soap and water and let dry.
  • Do not expose it under the sun for a long time.

Package Include:

1 X Pet Cooling Mat

1 X User Manual


This cooling mat is suitable for pet as well as human beings:it can be used in dogs' beds, crates, kennels, couches, floors, sofa,or the back seat of your car. It also works as a pillow, seat cushion or computer cooling pad,ice pack.


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