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PlayMOBIL 71348 Advent Calendar: Christmas under the Rainbow, princesses

PlayMOBIL 71348 Advent Calendar: Christmas under the Rainbow, princesses
  • Make your Christmas even more magical with the Playmobil Christmas under the Rainbow Advent Calendar. The set includes a dining table for the perfect feast, a gold pot, a decorated tree, a magical horse, gifts and lots of other accessories hiding behind each door to create a beautiful Christmas under the Rainbow party. The box folds out into a backdrop to set the scene. Figures come with a detachable platform that, when attached, looks as though the figures are dancing.
  • Open 24 doors to PLAYMOBIL figures, accessories and surprise items to create your magical Christmas setting.
  • Once all the pieces are revealed, create your own Christmas under the Rainbow party scene with a tree and musical guests by using the cardboard backdrop.
  • 4 PLAYMOBIL figures, including a snowman and magical horse
  • Includes a cardboard rainbow, festive garland, Christmas tree, bunnies and themed gift boxes.
  • Count down the days to Christmas with PLAYMOBIL.

Embark on a wondrous Yuletide journey with the PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar "Christmas under the Rainbow"! Over the course of 24 days, a captivating spectacle unfolds: an ethereal ballroom scene takes shape, featuring two princesses in joyful revelry alongside their princely companion, a resplendent golden Pegasus foal, and an array of endearing creatures. The scene is decorated with a splendidly adorned Christmas tree decked out with gifts and a lavish table brimming with delectable treats. As the prince serenades the gathering with heartwarming Christmas carols on his saxophone, the rainbow princesses twirl to the rhythm atop their spinning tops. For those with an affinity for adornments, a dainty bracelet bedecked with Christmas charms is thoughtfully included, serving both as a wearable treasure and a charming garland. An impeccable advent offering, tailored for imaginative children aged 4 and beyond, captures the essence of the holiday spirit.

At a glance:

  • Advent calendar for children that's jam-packed with gifts
  • Christmas toys suitable for children aged 4 and over
  • 83-piece play figure set: 2 figures, 81 accessories
  • Playmobil sets inspire creative storytelling.
  • With assembly instructions
  • High quality (made in Europe)

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