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PLAYMOBIL Dino Rise 70928 Dino Robot, With Missiles and Catapult

PLAYMOBIL Dino Rise 70928 Dino Robot, With Missiles and Catapult
  • Action with the PLAYMOBIL Dinosaurs and the Dino Mine: PLAYMOBIL Dino Robot fighting machine with Jaden from Team DINO RISE, 1 miner, 2 velociraptors
  • A technical dino robot with two horizontally rotating functional cannons, one catapult with spiked missiles, two dino figures with movable legs and much more
  • Toy for children ages 5+: Fits perfectly in children's hands due to age-appropriate size pieces. Easy to hold thanks to its rounded edges.
  • Everyday use: instructions for assembly (with parents), High quality and robust design, To clean the parts (not including stickers), place the pieces under running water containing no chemical agents.
  • Contents: 1x PLAYMOBIL Dino Rise Robot, a 49-piece play figure set with instructions: 1 Dino robot, 2 figures 2 PLAYMOBIL dinosaurs, 44 accessories, Material: plastic, LxWxH Dino Robot: 27.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 cm, Weight: 272 g, 70928

The Battle for the Energy Stones Continues: Adventures with the Teens and Dinosaurs from Team DINO RISE


The DINO RISE team is gearing up for the battle for the energy stones. The evil Comet Corporation and their futuristic battle robots have their sights set on the legendary Dino Rock and the energy stones, but that's not Team DINO RISE's only challenge; they must also defend themselves from the treacherous miners and rescue the trapped pterodactyl from the Dino Mine.

Together with Comet Corp., the Miners have built a high-tech PLAYMOBIL Dino Robot fighting machine. Resembling a triceratops, it can attack with extendable cannons and a dangerous catapult that can launch spiked projectiles. During the construction phase, Jaden from Team DINO RISE surprises the miner with two velociraptors. Will he manage to save the day?

Packed full of sophisticated features, adventurous girls and boys will have hours of fun playing with these cool dinosaur toys.

At a glance:

  • Dinosaur toy suitable for children ages 5+
  • 49-piece play figure set with instructions: 1 dinosaur, 2 figures, 2 velociraptors, 44 accessories
  • Features: Dino robot with 2 rockets and 1 catapult; figures with removable armour
  • With assembly instructions
  • High quality (made in Europe)

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