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Music Maker Science Lab Learning Resources DIY

Music Maker Science Lab Learning Resources DIY

Learning Resources: DIY Music Maker Science Lab

  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS: Welcome to the exciting world of music; Using the music maker kit, children can build their own working instruments while learning about music and sound.
  • EASY TO USE: The 10 STEM experiments and 36-page illustrated storybook allow your kids to explore the science of pitch, vibration, and acoustics while making a box guitar, pan flute, and ocean drum.
  • LEARN & PLAY: STEM Jr. kits bring science concepts to life through hands-on activities designed to spark interest, inspire confidence, prompt creative critical-thinking skills, and foster collaboration between children and adults.
  • AT HOME STEM ACTIVITIES: Fun music and sound concepts come to life within a 36-page illustrated kids’ storybook. The storybook lab guide includes 10 fun-filled science activities that deepen awareness of key music concepts.
  • EXPLORE MUSICAL SCIENCE: Music instruments are light and sized right for small hands. Each kit allows children to do the experiments again and again. Perfect gift for kids ages 5-7

Let's make some good noise and learn about the science of sound and music. The fun activity kit teaches children about science, music and sound concepts such as pitch, vibration and acoustics. The page gives a storybook that takes children on a good music adventure and good musicians get to build their own vibrant kid-sized instruments.

We are Learning Resources and we have been helping parents and teachers build good kids. From ABCs to good motor and stem skills, our educational toys give kids the building blocks they need to grow in school and create good learning. Create good ways to learn through play with our good products, including Toy, the Coding Robot and Coding Critters. Our good toys are the building blocks, kids.


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