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Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner 30ml

Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner 30ml

Suitable for all hair types but is specifically formulated to help prevent dry and dull hair.

Great for those suffering with Hypothyroidism.

Contains ingredients that coat the hair improving overall softness and smoothness that dry hair can lack.

Ideal for use when hair has become dry.

Makes hair manageable and easy to style, giving a softer, shinier, and healthier appearance.

Ingredients on packaging

Directions For Use:

To be used on dry hair - not wet.

Simply squeeze a pearl sized drop into your hand and smooth the conditioner over your hair.

Vitapointe Conditioner is so versatile that it can be massaged exactly where needed by applying to specific dry areas and the ends.

Once applied, gently brush through and style as usual.


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