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TurboPop STEM Challenge Game Learning Resources

TurboPop STEM Challenge Game Learning Resources

Learning Resources: TurboPop STEM Challenge Game

  • Solve fun STEM challenges by designing, building, and testing your TurboPop! creations!
  • Learn a high-flying lesson in force, motion, velocity, and more!
  • Grows with you; challenges increase in difficulty as your skills get stronger!
  • hands-on action that's completely kid-powered—no batteries, rubber bands, or springs required!
  • 5+

Build it, launch it and solve it. The STEM engineering game from TurboPop. Kids can use the air cannon to learn force, trajectories and other physics concepts, pairing trial and error with problem solving. Complete the child-powered challenges and have fun.

  • Put your physics skills to the test with the TurboPop. STEM Challenge, the build it, pop it, solve it engineering game.
  • Load the balls into TurboPop's air cannon, press down, and pop. They go flying.
  • Once you've mastered the cannon, it's time to take on the set's STEM-inspired learning challenges, which introduce kids to force, motion, velocity, and other physics fun.
  • Challenges ramp up in difficulty to encourage leveled play and continued development.

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